Smartphone Addiction


WARNING – BACKUP AUDIO ALERT.  Sorry everyone, I know it sounds pretty bad, but at least we had a backup!  I’m working on the fix and will have new audio up ASAP.


This week the guys talk about an article we read regarding smartphone addiction and psychological influences of app developers and technology in general.  Super interesting stuff.  Link the the article is below, give it a read and send us your thoughts!!  Thanks for listening.


Here’s the link:

Fantasy Football (sort of)


What’s up listeners?!  This episode Perek didn’t have a great topic, so he talked about some more fantasy football stuff.  Not really about how to play, more about the tools that he likes to use to try and make the game more enjoyable for his style of play.  If you play fantasy and are looking for some more reason to love it, there should be some good stuff in here for you.  If you don’t, well, then there’s plenty of witty banter and joking that should keep you sufficiently entertained.  Thanks for listening!!

Do What You Love?


Hey everybody!  Welcome back.  This week Mitch talks about another book he read, what a nerd.  This one hit home with a few of us though.  What’s the deal with people saying you should “do what you love”?  Is that good advice?  Bad advice?  Mitch fills us in on what the book says.  Side bonus for our listeners this week – If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “man, I haven’t heard the word ‘ethos’ in a long time…”, you are in for a TREAT.


Thanks for listening!!



What’s up listeners!  This episode, Perek ran out of time to find a topic he liked, so we went off script and tried an impromptu mini-debate structure.  Random questions, random matchups.  It was really fun!  A Good Guy To Know should be able to at least understand, if not argue, both sides of an issue.  We weren’t perfect, but it was worth a shot.  Thanks for listening, and let us know what awesome foods you order for this week’s challenge!