This episode Mitch was away on a luxurious Caribbean cruise.  The Good Guys invited another good guy to know, Peter, to the show to discuss the fascinating world of grammar.  Peter is a middle school English teacher and brings some great insight into some common mistakes that frustrate us all.  Chad introduces a much cooler challenge than he did last time – get your rabbit’s foot out and play along with us!



Yo yo yo! This week the guys delve into the world of hip-hop and rap music by interviewing Mike, a ballin’ rap expert. They review life without TV and are challenged to switch over to the the Dvorak Keyboard. Check, check, check it out!


Big ups to Mike for layin’ down an essentials list of rap and hip hop music. You can download his suggestions HERE.

For instructions on switching to Dvorak on a mac, click HERE

For Windows instructions, click HERE

For a Dvorak typing test check this out!


In this episode the guys have a blind wine taste test, and for the first time we record all in the same location!  We discuss a couple cool items about Google, and Mitch challenges us to be social and productive for two weeks – boo.


Thanks to Chad for throwing together a recap video of our taste test! Enjoy!

You can read the Bloomberg article here.

For some unique Google projects click here.

Reality TV

This episode the good guys discuss the world of Reality TV.  They also invite their first guest on to the show to reveal the results of last month’s Twilight Book Report Challenge.  All the essays are posted for you to read RIGHT HERE!


Essays were randomized by LETTER (A,B,C,D) and then ranked by NUMBER (1/4 was the winner and 4/4 was an idiot loser).

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*NOTE:  Due to some technical difficulties this episode, Perek’s audio is terrible.  We promise it will be fixed next episode!