In this episode the guys have a blind wine taste test, and for the first time we record all in the same location!  We discuss a couple cool items about Google, and Mitch challenges us to be social and productive for two weeks Рboo.


Thanks to Chad for throwing together a recap video of our taste test! Enjoy!

You can read the Bloomberg article here.

For some unique Google projects click here.


  1. Good guys to know: I am on the google page and its a wine test. By the way, I really don’t care if people I don’t know can tell one variety from another. Do you think you are like James Bond if you can tell a red wine from a white wine with your eyes closed…

    1. Thanks for the feedback Tom. The wine video is on the Google episode because this is the episode where we reveal the results of the challenge. Videos pertaining to the content of the wine episode are on the page for Episode 4.

      I was unaware that James Bond was known for his blind wine tasting abilities, but if he is I guess Geo is the closest thing.

  2. 1) Chad, EXCELLENT job on the video! Awesome editing…Great song, too.

    2) Why didn’t anyone tell me you were also VIDEOING the testing? I would have found a different perching place instead of smack in front of Geo. DUR.

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