This episode Mitch was away on a luxurious Caribbean cruise.  The Good Guys invited another good guy to know, Peter, to the show to discuss the fascinating world of grammar.  Peter is a middle school English teacher and brings some great insight into some common mistakes that frustrate us all.  Chad introduces a much cooler challenge than he did last time – get your rabbit’s foot out and play along with us!



Yo yo yo! This week the guys delve into the world of hip-hop and rap music by interviewing Mike, a ballin’ rap expert. They review life without TV and are challenged to switch over to the the Dvorak Keyboard. Check, check, check it out!


Big ups to Mike for layin’ down an essentials list of rap and hip hop music. You can download his suggestions HERE.

For instructions on switching to Dvorak on a mac, click HERE

For Windows instructions, click HERE

For a Dvorak typing test check this out!