Mind Tricks

Are you, like Mitch, a little socially awkward?  In this episode the Good Guys discuss a number of interesting studies that show how the mind plays tricks on you.  You can use these studies to be the most fascinating guy at your next awkward holiday party!  Find out who won our $25 gambling challenge and also which Good Guy is the speediest on the Dvorak keyboard.  Finally, we each introduce our special 1-year challenges!


Brochet Wine Study – How wine experts didn’t notice they were served the same glass of white wine. One glass with food coloring!

– And a nice blog entry of the wine studies for those of us who aren’t crazy science geeks

Blink – By Malcom Gladwell; how we make snap decisions and how these can either be meaningful, or fool us

Malcom Gladwell outlining how to do the “Triangle Challenge,” and trick your friends into giving you money based on how fragile their judgement is!

Wikipedia on the history of New Coke

Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think – By Brian Wansink – Packed with cool studies about food and why/when/how we eat.

Priceless – By William Poundstone – Why do prices end in .99? I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but forward was great.