Good Jokes To Know

Every Good Guy should have a Good Joke on deck.  Nothing is worse than being in a group when someone says – “anyone know any jokes?”, and silence follows.  Consider yourself in good shape after we fire tons of jokes at you in this episode.  This episode was recorded on top of mount everest (Denver)  with all the Good Guys in attendance.  We always have a great time when we’re in the same room, even when we eat garbage meat.  We hope you like at least one of these jokes and keep in in your repertoire for later.  Geo introduces a challenge that could prove profitable…




Real Estate

Every Good Guy needs to know at least a little something about real estate. This episode the Good Guys invite realtor Josh Aberson on the show to discuss common mistakes, recommended practices, and other great info on buying your first house. We recap on the year long challenges and go over how much we all enjoyed the yoga challenge. Mitch introduces a new “offal” challenge that’s sure to make you cringe.

The Real Estate Rant


Like complaining about your crappy airline experiences? Mitch tackles the history of airline deregulation and tries to convince The Good Guys that things are not as bad as you think, and why everyone should LOVE baggage fees. We crown the king of the nerds as there is a clear winner from last episode’s pi challenge. Chad conjures up painful memories of elementary fitness tests with this episode’s challenge.


Pi Challenge:

Learn the Major Memory System to translate long series of numbers into phonetic sounds

Secret weapon:

Mitch’s original mnemonic “story” (NSFW)

Perek’s “piem”

Main Pillar:

Here is the quick analysis Mitch did on the price of the average airline ticket, as it relates to the underlying price of crude oil, one of the largest expenses that ticket prices need to cover:

Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics


*The airfare prices are in 1995 dollars, and the crude oil prices are in 2010 dollars. The point of this isn’t to compare dollars to dollars, but to show that over the past 15 years, airline prices have gone down compared to the CPI, while oil prices have sky-rocketed. Remember that fuel prices now comprise 30-40% of airline’s expenses.

Next Challenge: