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As many listeners may remember, I (Perek) have had a huge amount of pent up demand for wireless electricity for about a decade now. Thanks to a recent e-mail from Chad, I decided now was a perfect time to unleash the magic. As it turns out, we are advancing more and more each day with this technology, and to my surprise, it has already been implemented in consumer products! There is a lot of science and math behind the actual technology, but we’ll leave that to the big n3rds. Below are some resources that were referenced in the podcast this week. I’ll leave it to the MIT grad students to explain it. A Good Guy to Know knows when to defer explanations…Thanks for listening!

By far my favorite technology. IMHO, this is the one that’s going to make it to our homes soon!

Here are some various articles about the general technology. They reference the MIT group and some others.


Let’s put down on paper (HTML) our iPhone wireless charging estimates (put forth in the recording):
Perek – iPhone 6
Mitch – iPhone 10
Chad – iPhone 8
Geo – iPhone 15

Hey Look!  Our first correction!  Meredith from one of the technologies discussed in the podcast was upset with my description of her technology and credentials.  Below is her profile from her website directly.  I said she was a bio major, but in reality, she was a paleobiology major – and now is a researcher in astrobiology.

Meredith graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in May, 2011 with a degree in paleobiology. She is a NASA astrobiology researcher and NASA student ambassador.

I also made an implication that they had resources available to buy their technology which is false.  They apparently had no money for anything, and won 5 grand in an invention contest.  I encourage anyone who wants to know more to check them out online.  The link should be somewhere out there on the web.  Thanks for trolling!

Best of luck to the company.




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