Video Games


Everyone always tells me that video games are rotting my brain and that they are a waste of time.  As a world-leading rationalizer, I decided to try and prove the critics wrong.

Tha main focus of this podcast was on a video game called Fold It.  I’ve logged several hours now on the game and it is pretty fun.  The premise of the game revolves around folding proteins found in  nature to try and mimic how Mother Nature would fold them.  It can be used in a host of different applications, but real world results have already been acheived in the field of AIDS research.  Check out the game at  Download the game client and I’ll see you in the chatroom!

Some other cool video game-esque inventions have been the Crusher (

Surgeons are also getting in on the “game” and controlling robots from across the world with a joystick.  Check it out!

While some may consider this a feeble attempt to cover up a debilitating addiction, I will rest easy anyway – knowing that somehow I’m probably curing AIDS.