TOR – The Black Market Internet


OK, maybe “The Black Market Internet” is a bit of a dramatic title.  However, on one level it is very true.  This episode we talk about TOR (The Onion Router).  I stumbled across TOR when I was reading about some of the latest legislation regarding government intervention in our internet lives.  People are scared about losing their privacy.  This is where the TOR network comes in handy.

The TOR network is a complex beast, but luckily it is incredibly simple to install and use.  On the most basic level, TOR is just another web browser that you can use.  It’s like Internet Explorer or Firefox, except nobody can figure out what you do or where you go.  It’s useful for a TON of things from law enforcement to secret communication to basic personal privacy.  I used it earlier to send an email to the Good Guys and believe me, I couldn’t figure out who sent the email.

So whether you just want a bit more privacy so that Facebook or Google aren’t advertising based on your Amazon shopping history, or if you are buying items you could not get in person, TOR may be a cool thing to check out.

Their website is  where you can download all the necessary software and be up and running in no time.

Cockney Rhyming Slang


Ello Govna!  With Mitch just returning from a trip to London, the location of the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics, the good guys take this opportunity to learn about Cockney, or Ryming Slang, a unique facet of the dialectal English from London’s East End.  Also an absentee Chad proposes a Rubix Cube Challenge, Mitch brings in a new Nerd Alert and Perek makes a glorious return to the forums with another Today I Learned.  Hang up the dog, get off your Aris, grab a Britney and enjoy the show!  Thanks for listening!

Interested in throwing some Cockney slang into your everyday language?  Check out

or, use some of our own personal favorites:

“Stop being an elephant!” = Elephant and castle = A**hole

“Give me a Britney!”  = Britney Spears = Beer

“Let’s go to the near!”  = Near far = Bar

“Can I borrow some bees?”  = Bees and Honey = Money

“Go park the Scooby!” = Scooby Doo = Subaru


An example of Cockney Slang from the brilliant movie Green Street Hooligans!  (viewer discretion advised)

Green Street Hooligans