Cockney Rhyming Slang


Ello Govna!  With Mitch just returning from a trip to London, the location of the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics, the good guys take this opportunity to learn about Cockney, or Ryming Slang, a unique facet of the dialectal English from London’s East End.  Also an absentee Chad proposes a Rubix Cube Challenge, Mitch brings in a new Nerd Alert and Perek makes a glorious return to the reddit.com forums with another Today I Learned.  Hang up the dog, get off your Aris, grab a Britney and enjoy the show!  Thanks for listening!

Interested in throwing some Cockney slang into your everyday language?  Check out http://www.cockneyrhymingslang.co.uk/

or, use some of our own personal favorites:

“Stop being an elephant!” = Elephant and castle = A**hole

“Give me a Britney!”  = Britney Spears = Beer

“Let’s go to the near!”  = Near far = Bar

“Can I borrow some bees?”  = Bees and Honey = Money

“Go park the Scooby!” = Scooby Doo = Subaru


An example of Cockney Slang from the brilliant movie Green Street Hooligans!  (viewer discretion advised)

Green Street Hooligans


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