Travel Hacking


Travel hacking is simply defined as the utilization of technology, rewards programs and social connections to travel the world.  At its most basic level, travel hacking allows you to see more of the world for less but as you follow travel hacking deeper into the rabbit hole, you find that it is much more than that!  In this podcast, the Good Guys interview Scott Meyer, an expert in travel hacking, and an all-around GGTK.   Listen as Scott teaches us the tips and tricks to saving money while traveling all over the world.  You think you know, but you have no idea!  Thanks for listening!

Hey Listeners!  Go check out Scott’s Travel Hacking Norway book!  You can get the book locally at Ingebretsen’s in Minneapolis, online at Amazon (visit http://travelhackingnorway.com to get there quickly) and on his site at: http://scottdavidmeyer.com
Also, Scott offers FREE tips on travel hacking twice weekly at: http://scottdavidmeyer.com
Some of the sites Scott mentioned were:
Chad has proposed the greatest challenge of all time and every listener should try this one with us.  Go out and buy a botte of Glenlivet 12 year scotch and finish off every day for the next 2 weeks with a little nightcap! All good guys to know should have an appreciation for the finer things in life!


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