Men’s Fashion and Style


The quickest way for you to set yourself apart from the pack at the workplace, at a party, or at a job interview, is to be well-dressed.  In this episode the good guys dive into uncharted territories by discussing fashion tips that can be used by all guys who are looking for a leg-up on the competition.  Do you think you are a fashion forward fella?  Have a listen to this podcast to see if you follow the rules of male fashion and style.  Thanks for listening!


Rule 1:  Good tailoring is crucial!  Find a good tailor and put him to work making your clothes fit you like they should.

Rule 2:  Wear a tie when you are asking for money.

Rule 3:  Dark skies = dark clothes

Rule 4:  Ties should run button to button.  They should cover the top button on your shirt and the top button on your pants.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Rule 5:  Listen to the podcast for many more male style tips


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