Hello loyal listeners! This episode we discuss the history and theory of swearing. Why do we swear, why shouldn’t we swear? It would be great to listen now right? Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen technical difficulty (my house getting robbed), this episode will be delayed until Monday night the 26th. Please check back and we’ll hit you up then, thanks for listening!!

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Running Mate


Our guest on today’s podcast is Matt Anderson, author of Running Mate: In Order to Form a More Perfect Union. It’s a fictional thriller about a modern day presidential race where the Republican candidate shocks the establishment by choosing the Democratic nominee as his potential vice president. What follows is a thoughtful and exciting exploration of how the country scrambles to digest this bombshell, and along the way, forces the reader to really think about whether the current ultra-partisan political climate is really what the founders intended, or if there could possibly be another way…

We also talk about the writing and publishing process. Get the Running Mate eBook at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Itunes. Order a softcover and learn more at runningmatebook.com. Thanks, Matt!


As promised, here is the Dollar Menu challenge video!