Professional Gaming


Who doesn’t love to play video games?!  From kids playing Mario Bros to college students playing Halo, we all have some experience with the gaming community.  However, few of us are devoted enough to turn gaming into a profession.  In this episode, we interview Lester Chen (Twitter: @LesterHKM) about his experience as a professional gamer!  Find out what it takes to be one of the best gamers in the world!

We also review our JEOPARDY! challenge and Mitch proposes a new challenge that has us all watching what we eat.  Thanks for listening and a HUGE thanks to Lester for the great interview!


MacroNutrient Challenge:
Every meal you eat (snacks too) must include one distinct food item from each of the main macronutrient groups: Carbohydrate, Fat, and Protein. The goal is to smooth out the insulin/blood sugar response and see if that helps us sustain energy/appetite throughout the day.
  • 1 point for each meal or snack that is compliant. Max = 5 per day (3 meals, 2 snacks)
  • Perfect Site bonus: 1 extra point any time all your meals in one day are compliant (need to have at least 3 meals)
  • Streak bonus: That perfect site bonus turns into a streak bonus on days you are perfect in a row. So if you had 3 days in a row of perfect sites, your streak bonus that day will be 3.
IMPORTANT: If you put ANYTHING in your mouth that is a macronutrient without eating something from the other two groups, you are ineligible for the perfect or streak bonus that day. Combo foods are not considered a full, compliant meal. So even though a glass of whole chocolate milk contains some carbs, protein, and fat, you can only use this as one of your three items, so you can choose which one it counts for.
Macronutrient Foods:
All fruits/grains/vegetables/sugars count as carbohydrates
Meat, Fish and Eggs are protein
Fats are oils, butters, avocado, nuts
Note: Don’t forget about your drinks. Beer and regular Soda, fruit juice, etc are carbohydrates, so add a fat and protein if you’re going to have one to keep your streak intact



This episode we welcome Michael Pilhofer of MSP Fitness back to the podcast. Last time we talked about Crossfit, and this time we tackled the behemoth of a topic; NUTRITION! Michael has been a personal trainer for 6 years, and if you listened the last time he joined the good guys, you know he’s a sponge for all sorts of information as he developed his own wellness philosophy.

nutrition basics

With such a hefty topic, we took a high level approach and left you with some nuggets that should inspire you to dig a little deeper. Nuggets include but aren’t limited to:

–          The audio fader-board metaphor for adjusting macro-nutrients (my favorite)

–          Intro to gluten

–          Is Calories in – Calories out a legit philosophy or is there more to it?

–          Why it’s so hard to change dietary habits

–          Intro to the popular “Crossfit” diets; Paleo and Zone

–          Food journaling (shudder)

If you’re interested in diving in a little deeper into some of the topics we discussed, check out these links:

Info on Zone diet:


Paleo: – I do not know why Wikipedia chose such a disgusting picture for this article. So go here and here for better pics of paleo awesomeness.


Also, check out the MSP Fitness site, for more info on the programs Michael offers at the gym, and check them out on Facebook.

Rules:  You have 15 seconds to answer each question.  Follow the link below and click on “Online Test Recap & Discussion (Central), January 9, 2013”.  Answers are included in the next post down.  Good luck and let us know how you do


2012, A Year In Review


Another year of GGTK podcasts are in the books!  In this special edition podcast, we review some of our personal favorite podcast moments.  From different religious services to 50 Shades of Grey to our first (and only) hate mail, the making of this podcast has been an adventure for us all!  We also want to take an opportunity to thank each and every listener for tuning in, sending us emails, and spending your time listening to our rants.  We appreciate all of you.  Thanks again for listening and Happy New Year from the Good Guys To Know.

– Chad, Perek, Mitch and Geo