Alcohol Legislation and Subscription Bars


The constitutional right to drink/sell/manufacture alcohol has been debated since the early 1900’s.  Most famous amongst these debates was the era of prohibition.  Prohibition was initiated in 1920 with the passage of the 18th amendment.  This U.S. Constitutional amendment made it illegal to manufacture, transport, or sell intoxicating liquors.  Conveniently for all people who appreciate the finer things in life (like Coors Light and other alcoholic beverages), the 18th amendment was repealed in 1933 by the passage of the 21st amendment.  Shortly after, many individual states adopted minimum legal drinking age policies which made it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drink alcoholic beverages.  Due to the passage of the 26th amendment, which lowered the required voting age from 21 to 18, many states adjusted the minimum legal drinking age from 21 to 18, 19 or 20.  However, a dramatic increase in accidents involving alcohol use in younger people followed this decrease in the minimum drinking age.  In 1984, Congress passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act which set the minimum drinking age back at 21.  Any states not in compliance with this act were penalized by having 10% of their highway construction funds revoked.  Depending on the size of the state, this legislation prevented the distribution of 8 to 99 million dollars.  By 1988, all 50 states ratified the National Minimum Drinking Age Act but U.S. territories Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands maintained an age of 18.


Today, in the wake of this fluid legislative history, many states have additional regulations which control the sale and distribution of alcohol.  These laws stipulate who can sell alcohol, when alcohol can be sold, and how strong alcohol can be.  Every Good Guy To Know should be aware of these laws in their home states.  For more information on your states regulations visit this website:



And here is the article from Esquire that prompted this main pillar.

What If Bars Sold Subscriptions?


What would it take for you to “subscribe” to a bar?  Leave your comments below and thanks for listening!


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