$3 Movie Tickets?!?!?!


This episode, we welcome Robert Wagner to the podcast. He’s a portfolio manager and popular author for the ubiquitous investing website Seeking Alpha. I reached out to Robert after reading his article on flexible movie theater pricing.

How many times have you seen a movie a month or two after it opened, and find yourself in a totally empty theater? How many times have you looked around and thought, “how do these guys stay in business?”

Wagner’s article and our conversation, takes us through the economic concepts at play with a new company called DealFlicks. These guys have started a company that is aimed at getting theaters to offer flexible pricing for movie theater tickets.


Wagner touches on several basic economic concepts – some of which we’ve talked about on the podcast before and some that are new. Have a listen and learn about this very real world example of the following; price floors and ceilings, surpluses, supply/demand, and Mitch’s personal favorite; UTILITY!!  Is there ever a time when paying $50 for a movie ticket is worth it? Listen or read Wagner’s article to find out!



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