In this episode, the Good Guys deconstruct the theory of affluenza, a term which has recently gained infamy due to a tragic case of drunk driving in a wealthy Fort Worth suburb.  Opinions abound regarding the sentence handed down to the young perpetrator, and we do our best to get you informed of the details on both sides of this heated debate.  Please leave us your comments; we love to check the pulse of our listenership!  Enjoy.

Perfectly Seared Steak


Any good guy to know should have a perfectly seared steak in his culinary quiver. On this podcast I rehash this incredible article by Kenji Lopez of Serious Eats. He used to work on my all-time favorite cooking show/magazine; Cooks Illustrated. They take a super scientific approach to cooking and stop at nothing to determine the best way to do things.

So listen to the episode or read that article for the juicy details. (See what I did there?) Here are the top questions that we answer:

– What cut of steak to use

– What is the order of importance when selecting the actual steak: Dry-Aged, Marbling, Thickness, Bone in or Boneless?

– What is the best pan to use?

– What is the best fat to use?

– What is the secret weapon?

– How do you know when it’s done?

Here’s a before and after of the steak I cooked in preparation for this cast. The first picture is about 30 minutes into the ‘mini-brine’ that I explain on the podcast so would be the worst time to throw it in the pan.

Full disclosure, this after picture is a solid medium to medium-well. Not my desired result, but I have never used the secret weapon so it cooked a little faster than expected. My wife still said it was the best steak I had ever cooked, and you can see that the crust looks real real nice.

Also, stay tuned until the end to see if our next contestant is able to BAMBOOZLE a Good Guy.

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