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I have to be honest here – I had heard the term Net Neutrality a million times, but never really stopped to figure out what it was.  Seeing something so frequently on Twitter and hearing stories on the news constantly will occasionally turn me off of a subject.  Such was the case with Net Neutrality.  It didn’t help that the subject is clearly a giant political issue.  But, alas, for the good of myself and the Podcast, I decided I needed to decode things a bit and clarify what is happening out there that is stirring up so much emotion.

The history is broad and a lot of it is entrenched in legal battles and behind the scenes activity.  In this podcast, I grab out some of the points and topics that most interested me, and that I thought the average listener might be interested in.  This is by no means a full history, or a presentation of a solution.  I hope listeners will come away either a small satisfaction for knowing a little bit more about Net Neutrality, or a passion to dig deeper themselves to try to find their answer.

As always, thanks for listening.


  1. Thanks for the comment Rick. I suppose it is fair to call it misinformed, in some sense at least. Hopefully you sensed how conflicted I am on the issue. I still think that a systemic suppression of competition is a major factor here, and I tend not to want to trust the tool that broke the machine to fix it again. There will be unintended consequences of regulation of the internet, even if enacted with the design of protecting consumers and small businesses. How severe those consequences will be… who knows.

    1. Yeah, I can certainly see why you feel that way. I’m glad you guys are open minded, it makes the show a lot more interesting.

  2. I think the reason you couldn’t find any blogs matching your opinion, Perek, is it is a bit misinformed. No one really benefits from a lack of net neutrality legislation other than ISPs. Small businesses like mine would not be able to pay the toll and so would be stuck fading into obscurity as wealthier, faster competitors got all the business. I am a small government guy, but in this case I think some regulation is justified.

    Thanks for the show guys.

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