Did you participate in our last challenge to be conscious of how often and boldly you lie in your day to day life? I imagine a lot of listeners are wonderful people and never lie, but I still think it’s a fascinating topic. I recently read Lying by Sam Harris. It was a fast and interesting read, I recommend checking it out. This episode I’ll go over some of the main points from the book. Thanks for listening!



Why do we think that listeners want to hear about coffee? Well, to start with, just about everybody in the world drinks coffee, and a lot of it! Coffee is so heavily consumed that it’s total consumption¬†in Europe and the U.S. is about 1/3 the consumption of WATER! Futhermore, around 7 million metric tons of coffee are produced each year and the average America spends just over $1000 dollars on coffee every year. So yeah, chances are you have tried and continue to drink it on a regular basis. At the same time, it’s hard to drum up a scintillating conversation about coffee. So have a listen to our latest podcast and learn some fun facts about the world’s favorite beverage. Plus, we interview a local coffee enthusiast¬†and former barista about how to handle yourself at your local coffee house. Thanks for listening!coffee_guy_nw