Data Backup


Quick!  Your house is flooding – get outta there!  Phew, that was close.  Where are all your baby pictures?  Where are your wedding photos?  Where is that book you started to write?  I think you get my point, data backup is something that we often don’t think about until it’s too late.  There are many methods of data backup – some good, others bad.  Together they can be part of a bigger strategy to help keep you covered.  Matthew Mombrea wrote a great article that covers most of the stuff we talk about in this episode.  You can read the article here:—part-1–the-basics.html


Thanks for listening – and upgrade yourself to the next level of data backup, whatever level that may be!




Hey everybody!  This week let’s talk about music.  Not about Katie Perry or whoever is on the top of the charts these days, but the nitty gritty science of music.  This week Chad gives us some great information on what sound and music actually is, how it is interpreted by our brains, and he gives some examples of the basic building blocks of “music”.


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