Music Streaming – Spotify, etc.



Hello loyal listeners and new binge listening recruits!  This week Perek gives us a little background and explanation of music streaming services, with a specific focus on Spotify.  There is so much controversy in recent days/months/years about where the money goes and what the “right” model of music distribution should be.  Hopefully this episode gives you at least a little bit of info to think about.  Let us know what you think!  email us at or shoot us a note on Facebook or Twitter!  Thanks for listening!

Scientific Breakthroughs



Hey everyone.  This week the Good Guys are still decompressing from their golf trip to the desert.  Last minute topic, plus last minute challenge, plus last minute segments, plus last minute internet issues equals fun times for all!  Maybe this week Perek’s chore to complete will be to get Geo some decent internet so it doesn’t ruin the entire show.  Thanks for listening!!