Top 12 Kitchen Gadgets and Gifts



Hey there everybody!  This episode Perek goes over some of his must have items in the kitchen, whether you are an amateur trying to get better, or an amateur trying to stay terrible, these ideas are just what you’re after.  A couple of these are a bit pricey, so they would make a GREAT item for a wish list.


Video Games II



What’s up everybody?  This week Geo talks about his favorite topic in the world – video games!  I know, I know – we’ve already done a video games episode.  But I assure you, this is different.  Plus, the other episode was like 5 years ago, so who remembers that anyway?!  Thanks for listening!  Like us on Facebook and I’ll read your name like I did for Joe this week!

Personal Finance – Cont.



This week on the Good Guys To Know Podcast, Chad continues his multi-part pillar on personal finance.  This one is a doozy and covers a TON of great stuff.  If you’re new to retirement saving, or saving in general, there’s tons of good stuff in here for you.  If you’re a veteran sitting on piles of money – well – it’s good to brush up on this stuff anyways.  And if you are in the second group, send us a check or something already!  As always, thanks for listening!



Hey everybody!  OK, fair warning, this episode might have a slightly different feel than we’re used to.  I know it had a different feel than I was used to!!!  We’re talking about conscious non-voting in this episode, it gets a little hairy, and I’m sure there are a ton of listeners who disagree, respectfully or otherwise.  Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or twitter or on our website – if YOU don’t comment, some guy who disagrees with your comment probably WILL comment, so you are kind of obligated to do something – OR ELSE!


Thanks for listening!

Online Security



What’s up everybody?  This week Perek goes over some simple yet effective methods and strategies for staying secure online.  At least that’s what he thought he was going to do… If you’ve never heard 2 of the good guys get into it, this is your chance!  Thanks for listening, and as always, if you have feedback or additional comments, drop us an email at or hit us up on Facebook!


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