Hey everybody!  This week let’s talk about music.  Not about Katie Perry or whoever is on the top of the charts these days, but the nitty gritty science of music.  This week Chad gives us some great information on what sound and music actually is, how it is interpreted by our brains, and he gives some examples of the basic building blocks of “music”.


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Professional Ultimate Frisbee?!


Most of you have probably tossed around a frisbee while drinking a beer on the beach. A smaller subset of you have actually played ultimate frisbee, probably as an excuse to put off studying a little longer. But VERY few of you have gone to the ultimate depths of ultimate. What I’m talking about is professional ultimate frisbee.


If you’ve never heard of professional ultimate frisbee, don’t be alarmed because you are probably in the majority but on this episode of GGTK, we interview Lou Abramowski, Head Coach of the Minnesota Windchill, a professional ultimate frisbee team in the American Ultimate Disc League ( about all things ULTIMATE! Thanks for listening.