The Sweethome and The Wirecutter


Hello listeners!  This week we dive into a couple of online shopping sites that help aggregate  product research in this world of infinite options.  So often we need to buy something, but the thought of doing tons of research is either overwhelming or just not feasible in our busy lives.  Enter and!  There are lots of sites like these(duh), but this week we touch on why these in particular are so awesome.  Thanks for listening, and if you have any other great sites that help save time while shopping, send them along!

The Efficient Market Hypothesis – REVISIT


De ja vu all over again… This episode Mitch does our first topic revisit, and he chose our pilot episode!  We briefly go over the topic again, but mainly discuss if we’ve changed our minds over these last 7 years – a Good Guy To Know has an open mind, after all.  Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for listening!

WiFi – Home Networking


Wassup everybody?  This episode Perek dives into the world of WiFi and how we can solve some basic home networking problems that seem to plague us all.  No experience necessary.  Thanks for listening, and if you are a downloader, hopefully you can soon figure out how to get our next episode faster than you got this one…

Unemployed Professors


Wow.  I had never heard of this website or concept at such a scale, and as you can tell in the episode, I am totally blown away.  Such an awesome topic, so much to think about.  Special thanks to our english teacher guest Peter for bringing his insights into this one.  Whether you are for it or against it, this is a GREAT conversation topic.

“Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.”
― T.S. Eliot, The Sacred Wood 
– GoodGuysToKnow

2016 Year In Review


Hey everyone, Happy New Year from the Good Guys To Know!  This episode is our 2015 year in review episode.  Geo will lead us through the ups and downs and all arounds of the year that most people are considering the worst year ever!  WE go over our challenge result scoring and crown a winner.  We also introduce our year long challenges for 2017.  Thanks for sticking with us through another year, we appreciate your comments and continued support!


Geo, Chad, Mitch, and Perek